The Greedy Dog – II

(Beforehand, you must be aware of the story of the Greedy Dog and its Moral, I have made its sequel. Please comment if you have liked it. From the very childhood I didn’t like the ending of the story as the poor dog never got his worshiped piece of meat. Re designing the ending.  )

The dog knew how to swim. He jumped into the canal and swam for a large deal of distance. At last, he found his piece of meat. Now, he  was no longer greedy.

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  1. Rejoy Dey says:

    Please, don’t blame me as I took the dog’s side. Hope yu understand..!


  2. Nay,none is blaming you for you taking the dog’s(at least not me) but ‘m heartily appreciating you for editing the story .Poor dog!He musn’t have got his long prayed meat piece back and thus must have remained hungry till your editing of the story. But, hey you could also have
    written the climax of the story as “And the dog, after losing his piece of meat, learnt that greed
    is one of the worst sins on the earth and it leads to the harm of the creature which has it for a
    particular thing.Thus,he left the feeling of greed and went back to the city, got another meat chunk from another shop and ate it ,this time with a greed less mind.”


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